Business Registration

The first way to get your business’ recognized officially is to register it with Corporate Affairs Commission. Registering your business name with the government show you have a legal profile that enhances credibility and visibility.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the statutory body charged with the administration of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (the Act) which includes the regulation and supervision of the formation, incorporation, registration, management, and winding up of companies in Nigeria. Section 7 of the Act sets out the functions of the commission.


Registration of Business Name

It is important to note that your business name differs from your company name and the registration requirements differ.

However, you can upgrade your business name to a Private Limited Company(LTD).

Registration of a Public/Private LTD Companies

Get your company or firm known officially by registering it with Corporate Affairs Commission. Registering your company’s name with the government show you have a legal profile that enhances credibility and opens you up for collaboration.

Registration of Incorporated Trustee

A clever approach towards getting your association either social, academic, health or religious recognized officially is to register it with Corporate Affairs Commission. Registering your association’s name with the government show you have a legal profile that enhances credibility and visibility.


Benefits of registering your Business/Company with Cooperate Affairs Commission


  1. Certificate of Incorporation (CAC Certificate):

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) offers you a certificate of incorporation once your registration is complete.

  1. Separate Legal Entity:

A separate legal entity is a person recognized by law. Your incorporated business is deemed by law to be a separate legal entity and is independent of its members or people controlling it.

  1. Raising significant capital:

Your ability to attract investors for your business will be easier when your business is registered. Investors are likely to invest in a registered company rather than an unregistered business that has no formal structure in place.

  1. Reputation with customers:

A registered business enhances your brand image credibility and business perception. It gives client’s the confidence to deal with your organization. Most people feel more comfortable paying for services and products into a corporate account with the name of the business rather than paying into an Individual account.

  1. Legal Protection: 

Once your business is registered or incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission, your business name is sealed and cannot be used by any other business in Nigeria.

  1. Getting Loans: 

Obtaining a loan becomes much easier after your company is registered. It instills confidence in your investors or lenders by providing credibility and trust.

  1. Travel Advantage: 

You can easily obtain a visa and travel to any country for business purposes, or trips once your business

  1. Edge over your competitors: 

It gives the business owner an edge over other businesses that have not been registered and many others.

  1. Cooperate Bank Account

With your business registered with CAC, you will be eligible to register your cooperate account for your business and also enjoy the benefits that come from having a cooperate account.

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